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Real people getting Out of Debt and On with Life!

April 19, 2024

Our customer stories say it all. Life can be unpredictable sometimes. But when life happens and debt follows, we're here to lend a hand, supporting Kiwis who are committed to getting out of debt.  

Money Sweetspot is not your average debt consolidation loan finance company. Our goal is to lose customers, as this means we have helped one more family regain control of their finances, are out of debt, and can now get on with their lives. And we can help another family.  

We do this by bundling $2,000 to $40,000 of your debts into one financial reset loan, at an interest rate that may be lower than you're currently paying and empower you with articles, tips and features to help you learn more about money, savings, and even investing. The best part is, you earn Sweetspot Points by reading and upskilling which can be redeemed as additional amounts off your loan or added to your savings.

We also reward customers for paying on time and avoiding further debt by giving them $100 each year to donate to their favourite charity via our partners at the Good Registry. This means your commitment and action to your financial reset helps you and helps causes you care about.

Here are some real stories of resilience and financial transformation from everyday Kiwis that we've supported on their debt detox journey.

Penny's Journey to Empowerment

“I want to say a huge thank you to you and the team for giving me room to breathe again. It feels really awesome”. - Penny

Penny's story is a beacon of hope and a testament to what's possible when women are supported with the right tools and education. Penny, a dedicated driver, initially faced a setback with her loan application. After taking our actionable advice to heart, she reapplied and saw her monthly repayments drop by $500, freeing up significant funds for her family.

Zac's Rapid Recovery

“8 months later… boom! Out of debt and on with life.” - Zac

Amid financial turmoil and personal challenges, a Zac a young professional in his 20s faced the daunting task of overcoming $40,000 in high-interest debt. He overcame $40,000 of high-interest debt in just eight months by embracing our structured financial reset and making substantial lifestyle adjustments. His success story is a testament to the power of honest self-assessment and dedicated support.

Brooke's Story of Understanding

"Leticia was absolutely wonderful to deal with! No judgment, only understanding... Thank you so much for giving our family this wonderful opportunity to restart our lives." - Brooke

Brooke praised Leticia from our team for her empathy and speed, helping Brooke's family start anew without judgment and with a full support system.

Luke's Life-Altering Service

“"Amazing service! Receiving a financial reset from Money Sweetspot has significantly reduced my stress by simplifying my payments. Leticia was incredible, treating me like a real person and fully supporting the financial changes benefiting me and my whanau. I’m grateful for this life-changing opportunity and excited to continue learning through the customer portal." - Luke

Luke found relief in consolidating his debts, significantly reducing his financial stress and allowing him to focus more on his family and future.

Jane's Fresh Start

"Amazing company and team, very helpful and understanding of complex situations, providing solutions to get out of debt faster! Thank you for the chance to start fresh." - Jane

Jane was desperate to escape her debt trap. Our team listened and provided a financial reset that allowed her to start fresh, giving her the tools to navigate her finances more confidently.

James' Personalised Support

“If all lenders had the same high standards, I think Aotearoa would be a much better place.” - James

James, overwhelmed by debt, benefited from our compassionate and tailored approach, which helped him manage his finances more effectively and regain control of his life.

Nelia's Seamless Experience

"Leticia was so helpful and understanding. The process was clear, and the support was immediate, making it easy and seamless to work towards being debt-free." - Nelia

Nelia appreciated the clear and immediate support from Leticia, making her journey toward being debt-free smooth and straightforward.

Brendan's story of building trust and confidence

“Honestly, working with Money Sweetspot has been sweet as. They do what they say they do. I've been granted a loan to consolidate my debt, and the terms are *good*. They've been professional, punctual, helpful, and thoughtful throughout.” - Brendan

Like many people in our community, Brendan didn't think much of finance companies before he partnered with Money Sweetspot. We took the time to understand his situation on a human level and through this process we built connection and gained his trust. Brendan received his financial reset loan, consolidating his debts and he is now on his way to getting rid of them.

Essie's Break from the Debt Cycle

"So grateful for Money Sweetspot. I was stuck in a constant cycle of debt... I finally have a real chance to get out of debt through Money Sweetspot. The interest rate, incentives, and support truly made a difference." - Essie

Essie finally saw a way out of her constant debt cycle with our help. The lower interest rates and supportive framework we provided made a real difference in her life.

Tim's Educational Empowerment

“Best of all, their approach to educating and assisting with finances really benefits the customer.” - Tim

Tim wasn't initially looking for financial education, but our resources were invaluable, empowering him to maintain long-term financial resilience.

Joanne's Liberation from Debt

"This service has literally changed my life and given me my freedom back! I was getting killed by debt payments... Now, I'm on my way to financial freedom, thanks to Money Sweetspot." - Joanne

Joanne felt crushed by her debt payments, but our service changed her life, giving her the freedom to pursue her dreams without financial burden.

Shaun's Rapid Response and Action

“Awesome, friendly service, great communication throughout the process. Leticia really went the extra mile.” - Shaun

Shaun was hesitant to ask for help, but once he did, our empathetic approach and personalised support helped him consolidate his debt and relieve his financial stress.

Leilani's story empowerment and support

"Thank you Sharnee, for an amazing experience... I’ve been struggling to increase my credit rating, but with your support, I'm finally making progress." - Leilani

Leilani is a shining example of how innovative lending from Money Sweetspot can transform lives. Leilani struggled with her credit rating, but with our support and a clear plan, she's now making great strides towards financial health.

Ready to embark on your own financial reset?

Inspired by these stories? If you're a New Zealand Citizen or Resident juggling $2,000 to $40,000 of debt and ready to start your journey to financial freedom, Money Sweetspot might be able to help. Once you're all paid off, you'll be on your way to whatever’s next in life - Apply Now!

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