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Getting the most out of your financial reset

Your portal is THE place where you can check in with your financial reset, look at when you’ll be debt free, and earn points that you can use as extra money off your loan OR as money in to your savings account for a rainy day.
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Earn Sweetspot Points

Earning Sweetspot Points

You can earn 1 Sweetspot Point for each piece of awesome financial education content you take a look at in your Customer Portal

The number of points you can earn depends on:
  • Your loan amount
  • The term of your loan
You can find the number of points you can earn in your Customer Portal. 

Redeeming Sweetspot Points

Each Sweetspot point can be redeemed for $2. Points are redeemed automatically at the end of each month. 

For the first six months of your loan the points you earn each month will be redeemed against your loan balance. This helps you to get out of debt faster and pay less interest! Sweet! 

When you've successfully paid your loan for six months you unlock the choice to redeem your points by transfer to your savings account (at your bank). This could help you to build an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. This option is only available while your loan is up-to-date, you haven’t taken on any more debt and there hasn’t been any other ‘hold event’, as defined in the Money Sweetspot terms & conditions.  We may not allow you to redeem points if there’s been a hold event but, if we do, we’ll use them to continue to reduce the principal balance of your loan - to help you get back on track.

The table below summarises the points limit per year for different Loan Values, and the potential amount that could be redeemed
Redeem Sweetspot Points

Points Summary

Loan Value Points Limit Per Year of Loan Redeemable Limit Per Year of Loan
$5,000 12 $24
$5,001 - $7,500 24 $48
$7,501 - $10,000 36 $72
$10,001 - $20,000 72 $144
$20,001+ 108 $216

Giving back to your community

Your financial reset included you committing to paying your loan on time, and avoiding new debt (like the debt we paid off as part of your financial reset!).

If you keep to these commitments then you’ll get $100 each year to spend at The Good Registry for a charity of your choice.

We break this down into three month streaks — meaning you get to help your community faster!
Giving back to your community
More information about Money Sweetspot points is available in the Money Sweetspot points terms and conditions
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