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As a new and socially conscious debt consolidation lender in New Zealand, Money Sweetspot is all about helping Kiwis get out of debt and get on with life. Our Blog Spot is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to level up with a debt consolidation plan, fix bad credit, or simply get into their personal finance sweet spot. Our articles below are chock full of finance tips and tricks.

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Money & You
Money & You
Lenders love topping up your loan. And we don't.
A loan top up can feel like an easy way to get extra cash. But does it really help you?
December 6, 2023
Money & You
Money & You
Debt hangovers starting early with 34% of Kiwis putting Christmas on the credit card!
Debt hangovers and ways to avoid it from Team Spotty
December 5, 2023
Sustainable business award goes to.... A finance company
Ethical lender Money Sweetspot - still in its first year of operation - took home the Social Impactor Award, recognising the change it's helped make for its 400+ customers with $10m of consumer debt.
November 24, 2023
CEO wins Social Entrepreneur of the Year!
The Global Entrepreneurship Network awards were held in October 2023. Find out who won!
October 27, 2023
Woman has debt collectors on case, credit ruined by identity theft: Check your file!
Woman has debt collectors on her case, credit ruined by identity theft Hairdresser Sarah White has seen her life turned upside down by fraudsters.
October 10, 2023
RNZ Interview: Housing is about belonging more than bricks
Sasha speaks with Wallace Chapman on The Panel about how the Money Sweetspot approach could be utilised in the home ownership space.
September 26, 2023

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