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Community collaboration for financial health, support and inclusion

We’re a small part of a large eco-system; we work in collaboration with financial mentors, charities, housing programmes, microfinance and community groups already supporting people with their financial health.

We’ve created this page to provide you with everything you need to understand how we may be able to help your communities.

Out of debt. On with life.

Money Sweetspot isn’t just another finance company here to make money. We’re backed by some awesome charities, and we’re here to help Kiwi out of debt, and on with their lives.

We believe that Kiwi who commit to doing the mahi to get themselves out of debt deserve support and rewards, not unfair interest rates and the threat of harsh penalties.

Life can be unpredictable and fragile, but with the right financial options every New Zealander can still find their Sweetspot: a place where people, families and communities can move through debt, rather than be defined by it. A place where they are in charge.

What we believe

Spotty life is unpredictable

People are good. Bad things can happen to any of us.

When something unpredictable happens, the traditional financial system tends to assume that the person is suddenly ‘higher risk’ or in some way ‘bad’. This can mean that people pay more for their debt, or are excluded from certain products, support, or services.

We believe that this is judgemental (in fact ludicrous, as life is inherently unpredictable for all of us!)

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Debt does not need to be a defining moment in anyone’s life.

If you take time to understand a person’s story we believe that they can move through their debt and on with life with dignity and choice. By choosing not to listen to their story you’re judging (and pricing) people unfairly and there is a better way.

We want to lose customers as this means they are out of debt and on with life and we will be able to support another family.

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You can be a sustainable and impactful finance company without charging high levels of interest rates and fees.

We focus on balancing the interest that we charge with the costs of running our business. As a new business we are constantly learning, reflecting and updating our approach.

The interest rates and fees that we charge mean that we can be financially sustainable and around for as long as New Zealanders need us. We think that some charges are silly, which is why we don’t charge default interest.

We are grateful to have investors and loan capital partners who share our mission. This means that we are able to structure our business with a focus on sustainability and impact rather than profit.

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Investing in financial education and acknowledging customers commitments to their own financial well-being is mutually beneficial

We believe that we are the first finance company in the world to link financial education with the repayment of debt and creation of savings.

By engaging in financial education our customers pay less on their loans whilst also increasing their levels of financial resilience and understanding. This also benefits our business, as the number of customers unable to pay is likely to be lower, and the overall impact of our business will be increased.

Out of Debt. On with Life.
Debt Consolidation For Real People.

We provide financial reset debt consolidation loans and support to real people living real life. Our customers have many different reasons for needing, and wanting, a financial reset.

What they all have in common is that they are motivated to move forward and on with their life. They are prepared to put in the work, and many have specific goals in their life that would be within reach without the burden of higher cost, spiralling debt.

Debt detox

We bundle up messy debts into one loan. That means one regular payment, interest rates that may be lower than you're currently paying, no account fees and no late fees if you miss a payment by a few days. All so you can get back on track quick-smart!

Real People

Ready to make a plan and get on with life? We want to hear your story, not just numbers,  so we can help you make a plan for a financial reset. Transparent process, supportive service and quick application response is how we care for our customers.

Learn & Earn

We've got tons of articles, tips and features to help you learn more about money, savings, and even investing. The best bit is, reading them earns Sweetspot Points you can redeem as additional amounts off your loan or into your savings account.

Referral process

Juggling and struggling with multiple debts can feel overwhelming. The same can be said for those working with those families.

This is why we’re created a simple two step process for referrals:

Your client applies directly through They need to include your name and contact details in the ‘Referral’ box

You send an email to with the clients name and a copy of their privacy waiver with you. It is helpful to also provide a little background to their situation and why you believe a financial reset is the right solution for them

We then review their application and will get in touch with them (and you if they ask us to!). 

We get in touch within a day, and if their application is successful we will repay their existing loans within a day of the documents being received.

Click here if you would like a more detailed referral document.

We help even if we say no

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We explain our processes and decisions every step of the way.  This means that even if we say know your clients can receive:

  1. Ongoing free access to our financial education platform
  2. Explanation for the decline and potential next steps
  3. Their Illion credit report
  4. Their 90 day spending analysis for their review
  5. Option of additional referrals where appropriate

Application process

We want to be able to support people as easily and quickly as possible. Whilst our application process is online, our overall experience is very much focussed on the person behind the application. 

You can find a summary of our application process here.

Rates and Fees

Our mission is to help people find a way out of spiralling debt. That shapes how we do things, from the rates we charge to how we work alongside you on your financial reset journey. You can find our how we’re different here.

Rewards & Benefits

By paying on time and avoiding new debt our customers receive a $20 voucher to spend with The Good Registry every 3 months!

By engaging in our digital financial education platform our customers earn Sweetspot Points. These Points can be redeemed for additional amounts off their loan, or into their savings account.You can find out more information here.



Flyers and brochures

The documents below include a poster, flyer, some customer stories, and more.

Printable community briefing document

Printable Community Briefing Document

A4 single page flyer

A4 single page flyer

DLE brochure

DLE brochure

Customer Stories document

Customer Story Document

Application process outline

Application Process Outline


Budgeting & Money

Sorted Logo

Sorted is a free service by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission, the government-funded, independent agency dedicated to helping New Zealanders get ahead financially. By creating an account and saving your details you can receive tips, complete financial health checks, and set goals.

FinCap Logo

FinCap is non-government organisation which supports 200 free financial mentoring services in their work. They advocate for change in the building financial capability sector to help prevent people from getting into financial hardship in Aotearoa. Financial mentoring services can help anybody who wants to gain control of their money – with FinCap, you’ve got it together.

MoneyTalks Logo

Provided by FinCap, the website offers a free financial helpline, text and in-person access to a nationwide network of financial mentors. They also have online worksheets you can download to complete in your own time.

Debtfix Logo

Debtfix is a one-stop-shop providing advice and debt solutions as well as a single point of access to other essential support services in New Zealand. They help all sorts of people (including business owners and the self-employed) with varying levels of personal debt no matter how complex. They work in conjunction with the nationwide network of financial mentors.

Community finance providers

The organisations below operate collaboratively to provide access to fair and reasonable solutions for all New Zealanders. Ngā Tāngata Microfinance and Good Shepherd NZ offer interest-fee, fee-free loans to low-income or limited income whānau. Money Sweetspot’s debt consolidation loans are available to all New Zealanders committed to their financial reset.

Nga Tangata Logo

Ngā Tāngata Microfinance (NTMT) is a charitable trust focused on helping financially vulnerable New Zealanders by offering fairer, kinder little loans. All loans are interest-free, fee-free, and available to low-income whānau. They offer three types of loans: Get Control Loan, up to $3,000 to pay an unmanageable debt; Get Ahead Loan, up to $2,000 to buy essential items; and Get Set which is a combination of Get Control and Get Ahead. They also offer the “My Money Kete”, a practical online toolkit with free tips and resources to assist you in getting ahead with money. Working with the financial mentor community, NTMT will help you get through a tight spot.

Good Shepherd Logo

Good Shepherd NZ is a not-for-profit centred around improving long term financial wellbeing. Its Good Loans programme offers no interest loans up to $7,000 to help people living on limited incomes access an essential item or service; without the risks of high-interest and unmanageable debt. Good Shepherd NZ also has a free debt programme, DEBTsolve, that supports people to take back control of their unmanageable debt through coaching, advocacy, and a potential no interest Good Loan up to $15,000. Good Shepherd NZ can also support people with the financial and economic impacts of family violence through its Economic Harm Support Service.

Frequently asked questions

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Good Shepherd and Ngā Tāngata don’t charge interest. Why do you?
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Are there any debts that you can’t include in a financial reset?
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Can we include anything other than debt in the financial reset?
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