Debt Consolidation For Real People.
This is how we’re different.

Our mission is to help people find a way out of spiralling debt through a financial reset debt consolidation.
That shapes how we do things, from the rates we charge to how we work alongside you on your financial reset journey.

$2,500 to $40,000

Interest rate of 13% to 22% p.a.

Loan term of up to 5 years

$0 monthly account fee

$0 early repayment fee

No late fee if paid within 60 days

Earn points and redeem against your loan

Earn up to $100 per year  to donate to charity

Quick response and supportive process

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Spot the difference

On your journey to pay off debt quick-smart, every little bit counts. This is how our rates and fees compare to the ones practiced by other lenders.

What a $25,000 loan could look like over a 5 year term.

  A N Other
Money Sweetspot
Indicative Saving
Loan Value $25,000 $25,000 $0
Fees $375.00 $180.00 $195.00
(Net of Sweetspot rewards repayments)
$26,724.98 $10,263.85 $16,461.13
Months until repaid 60 months 57.5 months 2.5 months
  $52,099.98 $34,390.85 $17,700.13
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Disclaimer: This comparison has been made utilising publicly available fees and rates from considering publicly advertised interest rates from Finance Companies for debt consolidation loans and includes application fees. This is not an indication of loan pre-qualification. It is not a quote or an offer of finance. The graph is illustrative and should be used as a guide only, demonstrating how loan amounts can change depending on interest rate and fees.

More about our rates & fees

Establishment fee $180

One-off charge to set up your loan. This covers the costs of assessing the application.

Default fee
$0 to $50 per month

Only charged when the account is overdue by more than 60 days on the final business day of each month.

Variation fee

One-off fee charged if your loan is extended by one month or more (waived if part of a Statutory Hardship application)

Interest & Fees guide

Ready to get out of debt and on with life?

If you’re ready to get back in charge of your financial life, here’s how debt consolidation with Money Sweetspot works:

1 - Take stock of all your debts and income

Make a list of all your debts, who they are with and what your repayments are. Contact the
places you have loans with and ask for your current balance and any early repayment fees
that could apply. It would be great to know the interest rate you’re paying too.

Get help with this

2 - Apply online

We need to make sure that the loan you’ve applied for is affordable for you. Get your
information together around your income and expenses as you’ll need this for your online

Apply now

3 - We make a decision on your loan

Whatever our decision, we’ll explain how we got there and additional support that could help you. If you’re approved you then get settlements from the lenders we’re paying off and we’ll send you a loan contract and direct debit for to sign.

How we decide

4 - You receive your financial reset!

We welcome you into our whānau and celebrate by sending you a $20 The Good Registry voucher to spend as you wish! You’ll have your own Customer Portal where you keep track of your debt-free date and be able to earn and redeem sweet rewards! Between our interest rates, the financial skills you’ll pick up and the points you could earn, you'll pay off your loan in no time!

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Money Sweetspot provides financial reset debt consolidation loans to help you take charge of your financial life, reduce debts and get on with living.

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