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3 practical tips to make talking about money less awkward

May 6, 2023

After our previous post about why talking about money should be awesome, not awkward, we want to arm you with some practical tips on actually making those discussions happen. We’re starting with the people who you probably need to talk to most about it: your family. 

These tips are useful for talking to your partner, siblings, parents and roommates about money. But if you’re planning to talk to your kids about money, then Sorted editor Tom Hartmann has some extra tips for you.

1. Get on the same level - literally

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Talking about money is easier when everyone is at the same eye level. It’s never fun talking to someone when they’re looming over you. That goes double for talking about tough subjects like finances. A comfy sofa can make the difference between a discussion and an argument. Sit down and relax.

2. Avoid interrupting one another

Talking over one another is the fastest way to stop talking and start fighting. Chatting about money doesn’t have to be a deadly serious affair, but it does require everyone talking to be heard equally. If someone is interrupting, remember that this is usually just the result of someone having a lot to say, or not feeling comfortable with the conversation. Don’t be afraid to stop the conversation and try again later if you’re not getting anywhere.

3. Stay on topic

Money is a factor in so many other parts of life that it's easy to get derailed. You've put a lot of mahi into starting this conversation so don't waste it bringing up complaints, plans or comments that aren't actually to do with money at all. This is especially hard when you're talking to your partner. Our best tip comes from Sorted, which recommends writing down what you can and can't talk about during a discussion. Just make sure you and your partner agree on what should (and shouldn’t) be on that list.

Bonus: Nail down a precise next step

When going into a discussion about money, it’s a good idea to come out of it with something specific and useful. Bouncing off heaps of different money topics can be interesting, but it can also end up with a conversation going around in circles. That’s frustrating if something’s on your mind.

Always try to end a conversation about money with some agreed steps forward. Maybe that’s “we’re going to spend less here and more there” or “we’re going to have this specific saving goal” or “we should talk to a financial advisor to get an idea of what to do”. This makes discussions about money way more positive and practical, which makes it easier to have another similar conversation in the future.

In summary? If you’re going to talk about money, get comfy, listen to each other, and don’t get distracted by other, perhaps easier, things to talk about. Money is mahi, and this conversation will do a lot of the heavy lifting.

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