Sustainable business award goes to.... A finance company

November 24, 2023
Leticia & Rig collecting the award

We know right?

Last night's Sustainable Business Network Awards recognised Kiwi businesses working towards a sustainable future through innovation to address climate change, rebuilding resilient natural systems, reducing waste and building greener supply chains.

Ethical lender Money Sweetspot - still in its first year of operation - took home the Social Impactor Award, recognising the change it's helped make for its 400+ customers with $10m of consumer debt.

Money Sweetspot offers debt consolidation finance, financial education and rewards, all aimed at getting people out of debt and on with life.

As the judge’s said Money Sweetspot is the first social lender of its type with a better way for the under-served to refinance their debt. At the core of the organisation is a tech platform that resets lives by re-empowering clients. Money Sweetspot gives back to the community and other social causes."
Money Sweetspot co-founder and CEO Sasha Lockley agrees that it is a win-win business model. "Customers win, because they move on from debt. Investors win, because they still get a fair social and financial return. Communities win, through the donations our customers make. Lenders who prefer to keep their customers in debt don't win... but I'm absolutely fine with that."

This is the latest recent recognition for Money Sweetspot, following two finalists at the 2degrees Auckland Business Awards and a win at the GEN NZ Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Awards.

Looking ahead, Sasha says the focus for Money Sweetspot is all about being able to help more motivated Kiwis on their financial reset journey. "We've built something that works and is changing lives. With over 400,000 Kiwis juggling their financial commitments, we know the demand is there. With even more lending capital this can be really transformational."

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