2Degrees Business Awards: We've done it again!

September 26, 2023

08/We are stoked to be finalists in the Auckland Business Chamber 2degrees Auckland Business Awards for two categories!

Here's an extract from the awards application, because it's all about our team:

"We have a small (but mighty) team of 5 that operates out of Newmarket. We have created a digital lending platform, rewards, portal, and education platform who’s experience rival’s other lenders, but without the high interest costs, high overheads, and ridiculous fees. We’ve built a new model for assessing risk- we take time to understand a customer’s story rather than basing decisions on out dated numbers and metrics- the human story is more valuable that the bank statements."

#TeamSpotty for the win. For our team, customers, and our community.

Our CEO Sasha Lockley says

"We were nervous about applying for these awards. Our business model is innovative, our approach is innovative, but when our focus isn't purely on growth we wondered whether our story and mission would translate. Thank you to the judging panel for the Innovation and Best Emerging Business Award for taking the time to hear our story, read the plethora of information that we submitted, and show belief that #socialenterprise can deliver great results- regardless of the metric! Thank you to everyone who has made the last year completely phenomenal.

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